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Charleston is a port city bordering the Atlantic Ocean in South Carolina. It’s a town filled with a unique history and even an official language called “Gullah’ in the lower county. Often referred to as “The Holy City” because of all the churches, its architecture is historic and timeless. Charleston homes are known for having porches and decks that face either the south or west so that they can capture the breeze that living so close to the ocean provides.

It can get very hot and humid in Charleston, so any moment you have you’ll want to enjoy yourself by the pool or on a porch with a nice breeze. Wherever you are relaxing, you’ll want to make it as safe as possible with Aquaview fencing.


Charleston Glass Pool Fences

Protect yourself and those around you from the dangers of an uncovered pool with Aquaview glass pool fences.  Our glass fences are made custom to your pool.

Our glass pool fences are clear unlike metal or mesh fences. They don’t distract from your landscape or disrupt any view that you have. Our pool fences add a modern and elegant element into your backyard that won’t drastically change it’s style.  Our glass fences create the illusion of not being closed off which allows your backyard to look open. Closing off your back yard with fences makes it look smaller.


Charleston Glass Railings

Our glass railings are perfect for decks, porches, balconies, and piazzas. No matter what the style of your home it, glass railing will add to its beauty without distracting with any lines. There is no need to distract your view with a wall or fence. By installing a custom glass railing from Aquaview you can have an open concept feel while still remaining safe from any accidental falls. Our railings can be made to be stronger and durable so that they are up to code.


Glass Pool Fence Installation in Charleston

Our glass is custom made to order for your backyard, pool, or wherever you need a glass fence. We fabricate the glass locally and have certified local installers who are familiar with our product. They’ll make sure that everything runs smoothly and is properly installed so that your glass will last for years to come. Our network of installers in all of South Carolina is extensive, so even if you aren’t located in Charleston we are more than happy to help you.


We use a clear tempered glass and stainless-steel hardware. The glass is very durable and with stand winds up to 80 miles per hour. The hardware is rust resistant so any weather from the ocean won’t cause any corrosion. Our materials are durable so that you have a fence that will last you a life time.


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