, Palm Springs Pool Fence

Palm Springs Pool Fence

Aquaview Fencing was founded in Southern California to offer a pool fence and glass railing alternative that offers far more than a conventional fencing product: a clear an unobstructed view of your property while maintaining structural rigidity in design. At Aquaview, we firmly believe that it is our duty to deliver a premium glass fencing product with premium service so that you can enjoy your property in Palm Springs, California to the fullest.


Our team of professionals, from landscape architects to designers to contractors, will help you install and design the glass deck railing or pool fence that is specific to your property in Palm Springs, California.


Aquaview’s pool fences are designed uniquely with the utilization of ½ inch tempered glass panels and structural stainless steel clamps that allow our fences to resist normal forces, wind loads and seismic loads. At the same time, all of our swimming pool fences utilize a fully frameless design, as well as some of our glass balcony railings, making sure that you can enjoy your property without posts or top-rails obstructing your view.


The design of our glass deck railings and pool safety fences was inspired by the natural beauty and different landscapes that California is known for. From the Pacific Ocean, to The Sierra, to the Mojave Desert, Aquaview does not want you to miss a single glimpse of California’s gorgeous landscape. Aquaview is already the top glass railing and glass pool enclosure manufacturer and producer in Palm Springs, California so call Aquaview today to get a hassle-free quote on the glass fencing product of your dreams.