Beverly Hills, California Glass Pool Fences


Aquaview is headquartered in Beverly Hills, California and is the industry leader in glass pool fences and glass railings. Merging cutting edge design with dedication to safety, the Aquaview product line features clear unobstructed views and exceptional style to enhance your residential and commercial property. We manufacture the most durable safety glass and highest quality hardware available in the marketplace.

Aquaview was featured on the original TLC series “Make This Place Your Home”. The show highlighted the safety features and property investment benefits of our glass fence and railing systems. Furthermore, “Make This Place Your Home” explored some of the projects and detailed the installation process that goes on behind the scenes of each Aquaview project. The segment makes it evident why Aquaview is Beverly Hills‘s #1 choice for glass fencing and glass railings.

Beverly Hills Glass Fencing

Aquaview’s pool fences are designed with ½ inch tempered glass panels and 2205 Duplex stainless steel clamps that allow our fences to resist normal forces, wind loads and seismic loads. At the same time, all of our swimming pool fences utilize a fully frameless design, as well as some of our glass balcony railings, making sure that you can enjoy your property without posts or top rails obstructing your view.


Beverly Hills Glass Fence Installation

Aquaview systems offer many safety features that parents appreciate, including climb-resistant tempered glass panels, pool gates with self-closing hinges, and lockable latches. Our barriers are proven to resist high winds, heavy use, and any climate or temperature. Even the hottest of California summers will prove no issue for the high-grade steel and tempered glass of our products.

 Aquaview’s network of dealers and suppliers allow us the advantage to offer customers the lowest glass fence prices guaranteed and fastest deliveries. Our friendly team of specialists in Beverly Hills will help you design a custom tailored glass fence and glass railing to fit your specific project needs. Call us at (877) 229-7034 to get a free estimate.


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