Glass Pool Fences by Aquaview


Aquaview’s frameless glass pool fencing has become a top trend in modern backyard design. Our glass fences offer a stylish alternative to traditional fencing, allowing clear views of your pool and landscape. Aquaview glass pool fence systems are durable, beautiful, and engineered to keep children and pets safe.

Aquaview was featured on the original TLC series “Make This Place Your Home”. The episode focuses on the safety and property investment benefits of our glass pool fences and glass railing systems. You will learn the installation process, see our favorite recent projects, and see why Aquaview is America’s #1 clear choice for parents, builders, and property owners.

Residential Glass Pool Fencing

Elegant and modern, our glass pool fence systems enhance security without sacrificing aesthetics. Aquaview glass pool fences are designed to keep your family safe and engineered to meet pool code requirements. Our safety features include climb-resistant tempered glass panels, clear views to monitor children, and pool gates with “soft close” self-closing hinges and lockable latches. There’s a reason parents and neighbors trust Aquaview glass pool fencing to protect loved ones. We take pride in designing and manufacturing the strongest, safest glass pool fence system in the industry.


Commercial Glass Pool Fencing

Aquaview glass pool fencing is perfect for new construction or renovation of commercial, multifamily, and hospitality properties. Our frameless glass pool fence system is designed to meet building code and backed by stamped engineering. Durable and low maintenance, our tempered glass fences are well suited for high traffic areas at multifamily complexes and hotels. We offer a range of ADA-approved commercial pool gates that can endure heavy use. Whether you’re looking for a frameless gate, keypad entry, or fully-framed panic bar system, we can build a custom pool gate to meet your needs.


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Superior Durability

While it may appear delicate, Aquaview glass pool fencing is extremely strong and durable. We use ½” thick tempered safety glass which is six times stronger than regular glass. Our glass pool fencing systems are engineered to withstand severe weather and heavy use, setting the industry standard for superior quality and durability.

Low Maintenance

Made with tempered safety glass and marine grade stainless steel, our pool fences are built to last a lifetime. Our Duplex stainless steel hardware is resistant to corrosion and rust. Unlike traditional fencing, there is no refinishing or upkeep required. Cleaning is easy and infrequent. A simple wipe down with mild soapy water every few months will keep your glass fence sparkling.

Stunning Clear Views

Our glass fences are nearly invisible, allowing clear panoramic views of your pool and landscape. Glass fencing is the perfect choice for any location where you want the security benefits of a fence without blocking the view. It has an elegant, minimal look that can transform any backyard into an outdoor oasis. Not just for pools, our glass fencing is also perfect for decks, gardens, and patios.

On Time, On Budget

We are proud to offer customers the lowest prices and fastest delivery times in the industry. Our constant flow of inventory allows us the flexibility to meet your schedule. Lead times range from 2 weeks for residential projects to 3-4 weeks for large commercial projects. We offer a price guarantee. If you happen to find a lower glass fence estimate, simply show us and we will beat it.

Top Clips

Top clips are a completely optional add-on to your frameless glass fence. Stainless steel top clips join glass panels to provide rigidity and reduce movement when pressure is applied. They ensure perfect alignment of glass panels and have a clean, minimal look. Top clips can also serve as floating indicators to enhance visibility of the fence in dimly lit areas. No holes are required in the glass, which allows for easy installation.

Matte Black Hardware

Our glass pool fence hardware is available in Matte Black as an optional upgrade. We powder coat the Duplex stainless steel hardware with a durable satin black finish that is corrosion resistant. This dark hue is a popular choice in the design industry, lending a sophisticated and striking aesthetic to your space. It is an excellent option if you’re looking to match existing elements of your property such as black window trim. We also offer Matte Black gate hardware for a cohesive look.

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