Project Location: Culver City, CA
Construction Type: New Construction
Systems Used: Standoff Glass Railing, Commercial AWS Aluminum Gate, Frameless Glass Pool Fence

The Culver West Apartments are located in sunny Culver City, CA. These apartment communities are located just outside of some of the most active beach cities in Southern California. Easy access to the beach, art galleries, high-end shopping, and restaurants add to the allure of this complex. The apartments offer a variety of floor plans, updated amenities, and on-call maintenance. Their most popular amenity is the large outdoor pool and spa. Our frameless glass pool fence surrounds this beautiful pool area, preserving a visible open-layout plan while adding a secure barrier. The 3 commercial aluminum gates offer added safety and security for this high foot traffic area. Our standoff glass railing system is fascia mounted to the planters, allowing for visibility of the small garden while maintaining the full enclosure of the pool.