Project Location: Denver, CO
Construction Type: New Construction
Systems Used: AWS Aluminum Windscreen, Commercial Aluminum Gate, Custom Stainless Steel Glass Railing

The DECO apartments in Denver, CO are geared towards bringing together modern living with the culture of Denver. Every home is equipped with a private balcony, winter gear storage, and local beer on tap. They offer a wide range of amenities including a rooftop deck, outdoor fireplace, and a resort style pool. We provided them with a custom stainless steel glass railing system to line their rooftop deck. This durable system is perfect for guardrail applications, complementing the exterior of the building. The resort style pool is enclosed using our AWS aluminum windscreen system. At 72” tall, this system successfully blocks any unwanted wind from the area while providing a modern feel. The commercial aluminum gate complements the windscreen system perfectly, offering secure access to and from the pool area.