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Connecticut Glass Pool Fences

Aquaview is the leading designer and supplier of pool fences in Connecticut. If you are looking for a glass fence complete with glass pool gates for residential and commercial applications, Aquaview Architectural is here to help! Our pool safety fence specialists are fully trained in fence installation and fence design to ensure a quick, easy, and professionally done fence enclosure.

Pool Codes and Regulations in Connecticut state that each outdoor private swimming pool must have a pool fence or barrier that encloses the pool area. The Connecticut State Building Code states, per section 421.10.1, that:

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1. The top of the barrier shall be at least 48 inches (1219 mm) above finished ground level measured on the side of the barrier which faces away from the swimming pool.

2. Openings in the barrier shall not allow passage of a 4 inch (102 mm) diameter sphere.

Per the Connecticut Pool Codes and Regulations requirements, Aquaview Architectural offers pool fences and pool gates in Connecticut that are a minimum height of 4 feet and maximum height of 5 feet. Regardless of pool fence height requirements, Aquaview is here to serve you!

If you are in the market for a glass railing for your home, office, or outdoor area, Aquaview is here to help for both commercial and residential applications! Our glass railing systems are installed quickly into wood, grass, concrete and other surfaces. If you need a glass railing to enclose an area on a deck, patio, or other indoor and outdoor spaces, Aquaview also offers glass gates to complete your fencing project.

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All of our glass fence and glass railing systems are delivered directly to commercial and residential locations in Connecticut. Our fence systems are pool safety fences that are made out of tempered glass in order to improve the overall safety of your family and your property. Tempered glass fences are low maintenance, easy to clean, and modern, all of which allow you to enjoy your property to the fullest extent.

Counties we serve:

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Connecticut #1 Choice for Premium Glass Fences

We are proud to be recognized as the leading manufacturer and distributor of glass pool fences and glass railings in the USA. Since our inception, we have participated in over one thousand glass fence projects from coast to coast. The Aquaview difference is our extensive network of dealers and suppliers that stretches across all 50 states, Canada, and the Carribean. Our large network allows us the advantage to pass on the lowest glass fence prices and fastest lead times to our customers.

Interested in joining the Aquaview family? Contact us today to learn how you can join our network of authorized dealers and installers. Glass pool fences and glass railings are growing in popularity as a modern design element for new construction and renovation. Whether you’re a contractor, landscaper, designer, builder, or architect, Aquaview glass pool fences and glass railing systems are sure to be a winning product for your customers.

Aquaview Glass Pool Fences & Railings

Aquaview’s award winning frameless design has become the industry’s top choice for architectural safety fencing. As the premier manufacturer and distributor of glass fences and glass railings, our customers and dealers span across all 50 states, Canada and the Caribbean.

Aquaview was featured on the original TLC series “Make This Place Your Home”. The episode focuses on the safety and property investment benefits of our glass pool fences and glass railing systems. You will learn the installation process and see our favorite recent projects.

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