Fresno Glass Pool Fences


Aquaview’s glass fence and railing systems offer a unique and durable alternative to traditional fencing in Fresno. Our systems allow for clear views of your surrounding landscape while adding a secure barrier. Aquaview’s glass fence and railings are engineered to keep your children and pets safe while adding a beautiful, modern touch to your property.

Aquaview was featured on the original TLC series “Make This Place Your Home”, giving an inside look at the installation process and key safety features of our glass pool fence and railings. The episode explores some of our favorite projects, highlighting the property investment benefits and the reason why Aquaview is Fresno’s #1 choice for parents and property owners.

Fresno Glass Fencing

Designed to keep your family safe, Aquaview’s glass pool fence and railing systems enhance the security and aesthetics of your home. Our systems meet pool code requirements in the Fresno area, balancing function with design and gaining the trust of parents to protect loved ones. Aquaview’s glass fence and railings feature climb-resistant tempered glass panels, pool gates with “soft close” self-closing hinges, and lockable latches. We are honored to manufacture and design the safest glass fence and railing systems in Fresno.


Fresno Glass Fence Installation

Aquaview’s glass pool fence and railing systems are the perfect addition for new construction or renovation of commercial, multifamily, and hospitality properties. Our systems meet building code in the Fresno area and are backed by stamped engineering. Well suited for high traffic areas, our glass fence and railing systems are durable and low maintenance. Aquaview’s ADA-approved commercial pool gates can endure heavy use and are custom designed with a keypad entry, fully-framed panic bar, or a frameless design.

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