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ARS 200 Series: The Aluminum + Glass Railing Perfect for Apartments

Aluminum is the second most widely used metal in the world. Unique characteristics such as its light weight, resistance to corrosion, ease of machining, and high strength are justifications for its widely accepted adoption. Tempered glass is another durable material with strength, resistance to stress, and impact resistance.

With recent advancement in technology and modern cutting-edge innovations, we have been able to develop a sophisticated glass railing solution that combines the advantages of both materials. The ARS 200 Series aluminum glass railing is a hybrid product with superior features.

With such technology at our disposal, we are able to come up with the design, fabrication, and installation of glass railing systems which are both attractive and durable. Employing this perfect combination gives you a cost-effective alternative for glass railing ideas as they are easy to maintain and long lasting.



Strict Adherence to Safety Code

Guardrail systems are required by building code for apartments with decks, terraces, and balconies. Not only do glass railings beautify your property, but the sturdy and durable support assures you of safety. Unlike traditional materials which are prone to rust, corrosion, and sudden breakage, all that fear is eliminated with our unique glass railings.


Modern Look

Often, property managers and builders desire to give their apartment complex a facelift while staying under budget. Glass railing systems provide a seamless, sophisticated look which gives your apartment an elegant appearance. Picture a property with wooden fencing, or perhaps, traditional iron railings. Now, imagine the same property with our modern glass railing design. The difference in aesthetics is clear.



Low Maintenance

With our aluminum + glass railings, there is no case of rust or corrosion. Ease of maintenance is assured and with minimal effort, it can be cleaned effectively. Our glass railing systems are made from maintenance-free parts. The standard powder coating also lasts for 5 years (10 years for the premium coating) and this eliminates the stress of yearly painting.



Beauty and taste are core values at Aquaview. Our glass railings systems are designed with you in mind. Whatever style you decide to go with, we have a variety of designs you can choose from. These designs are well suited to fit the existing aesthetic feature of your property.



Unobstructed Views

With our unique glass railings, you have clear views of the surrounding landscape without leaving your apartment. These sturdy glass railings serve as excellent wind barriers and they also offer protection against other environmental agents.

Are you a builder, property manager, or architect? Our glass railing systems are highly recommended for anyone who is particular about delivering quality architectural designs. Also, for property managers who aim to increase the worth of their property without incurring significant costs, we highly advise that you take advantage of this unique glass railing system.


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