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  • How Do Glass Fences Compare to Traditional Fences?

    Installing a backyard fence this summer? You’ll find there are numerous types of fencing available to homeowners today. From traditional wood and metal, to modern glass, each material has its own unique advantages and characteristics. Learn more here as we compare the different fence types.

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  • Why Fall / Winter Is The Best Time To Remodel Your Pool

    Did you know? Industry experts recommend fall and winter as the best time to remodel your pool! Though it may seem ideal to renovate your pool during the warmer months, there are many things to consider besides the temperature: pricing, access to contractors, quality of service, and overall timeline. Read on to find out why the time might be just right to build or renovate the swimming pool of your dreams.

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  • Aquaview Featured on TLC’s “Make This Place Your Home”

    We had a blast filming this feature for TLC’s new series Make This Place Your Home. From a stunning cliffside home in the Hollywood Hills, to a glass pool fence installation in San Diego, the TLC crew captured highlights from our recent projects. Check out the full video here.

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  • A Guide to Frameless Glass Fencing

    Everything you need to know about glass fencing. Learn about some of the benefits of installing a glass fence, including: a boost in property value, unobstructed views, enhanced safety, pool code compliance, and maintenance-free upkeep. Check out more on our innovative and modern fencing options here.

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