aws aluminum windscreen

AWS Aluminum Windscreen for Commercial Pools

The AWS Aluminum Windscreen System is one of our most popular systems for commercial pool fencing. The sturdy, tall design makes this glass windscreen perfect for surrounding pools, patios, or decks. This is the tallest glass fence we offer, capable of reaching up to 6ft in height. The steel stanchion inserts provide added support for the glass, allowing for this elevated height to be reached while maintaining its sturdy composition.

glass windscreen

Engineered to withstand high wind speeds and fluctuating temperatures, this glass fencing system acts as both a wind wall and safety barrier. The sleek minimal design allows for clear views of the surrounding area, while providing protection and security within. Suitable for both commercial and residential properties, this glass fence will add to the modern aesthetic of any property. Available in eight powder coated finishes, this allows you the option to choose between a color that will suit your property best.

glass windscreen and glass gate

The AWS Aluminum Windscreen System pairs well with our most popular commercial gate, our Commercial Aluminum Gate System. This commercial gate is suitable for areas with high foot traffic, such as apartments, hotels, or commercial pools. Similar to the windscreen system, this gate is supported by steel stanchions and engineered to withstand heavy use. It is also available in 8 powder coated finishes to perfectly harmonize with your windscreen system. As a safety measure, the gate is self-closing and self-latching to meet pool safety code. The option of adding a panic bar + lever lock, or magna latch is also available. Additionally, this gate system is compatible with some electronic access systems.

glass windscreen

The numerous safety features and top-quality design aspects of the commercial aluminum gate and windscreen system make these two systems exceptionally popular for commercial projects. Need a quote for your project? Contact our friendly team today at 877-229-7034 or