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Blocking the Wind with a Glass Windscreen

The AWS Glass Windscreen System is the ultimate wind blocker and view enhancer. With a brilliantly engineered structure there’s no reason to settle for wrought iron or other obstructive material fencing again.


Advantages of a Glass Windscreen

One of the best things about this style of glass fencing is the wind protection. You won’t find that with regular barred or mesh fencing. All of our crystal clear fencing options provide a safe haven from gusty, chilly breezes but the AWS Aluminum Windscreen system stands apart from the rest.  There are no gaps between panels, which creates an excellent shield – only a small gap at the bottom which can be closed off with a bottom rail if desired. This system can withstand winds up to 105mph! The most obvious advantage, it’s aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive. You no longer have to be jailed in by large metal walls just to stay safe from unpleasant dust and wind. You can now view the beach, the pool, the mountains, or whatever environment you’re surrounded by and still be pleasantly sheltered from wind and debris it can carry.


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Durability meets Beauty

This system is not only designed to be incredibly strong but we’ve also taken into account the years ahead and how to preserve such an esteemed home product. Lime in concrete can be very corrosive to aluminum, so unlike other products we use a stainless steel stanchion that supports the aluminum post. We offer both surface-mount and core-mount stanchions. This method keeps the aluminum post from direct contact and safe from degradation of the physical components of the structure. Older methods used by other companies in the past can be very short-lived due to corrosion. Our standard heights are 48” and 60”. However, our windscreen system can range up to a surprisingly tall 72”. Available in eight powder-coated finishes you can choose the height and look that’s perfect for you. This system is also perfectly compatible with our AWS Commercial Gate for easy entrance and safety code requirements without losing the wind protection.


AWS Aluminum Glass Windscreen-min


Comfort for Beachfront and Windy Areas

Everyone loves an ocean view but the chilling wind and sand from area prone to high winds can ruin an otherwise wonderful day or perfect evening. Our glass design is made for people who like a low maintenance product, as it can handle exposure to water and sand with no problems. Since our systems are so easy to clean, a beachfront home is a perfect place for this attractive fencing. Whether you live on waterfront or a windy mountaintop, we have many different windscreen options to meet your needs. For a free quote e-mail or call us at 877-229-7034 for more information on how to get wind protection with a beautiful view.