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Commercial Pool Fencing: Riverlodge Apartments, Austin TX

The pool deck at Riverlodge Apartments in Austin, TX was recently renovated with our frameless glass pool fencing system. Greater Dallas Renovations chose to replace the outdated iron pool fence with a modern and stylish glass system from Aquaview. Our frameless glass pool fencing system with brushed stainless steel clamps was utilized on the concrete portion of the deck. A self-closing, self-latching entry gate was installed to meet pool code and match the minimal aesthetic of the fence.


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On the wood portion of the deck, our frameless glass railing was installed to allow clear views of the lush Austin hill country. Steel L-angle brackets were used underneath the base shoe channel to create a secure installation atop the hardwood decking.


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The tempered safety glass enclosure gives an elegant, modern look to this newly renovated multi-family complex. Austin Outdoor Design ensured that the pool fencing and railing were installed to perfection. Combined with stylish design elements such as vibrant lounge chairs, a freestanding hammock, and a beautiful custom wood cabana, this pool deck has been transformed into an outdoor oasis.


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