, Common Myths About Glass Pool Fencing

Common Myths About Glass Pool Fencing

There is no doubt that glass pool fencing is beautiful, elegant, and stylish. Unfortunately there are plenty of misconceptions about its strength and reliability. Don’t let the delicate appearance fool you – glass fences are actually one of the safest and most durable options for a pool safety barrier. Below we address some of the top myths about glass pool fencing, and the truth behind them.


Myth #1: “Glass fencing is delicate and breaks easily”

The biggest myth about glass fencing is that it breaks easily. When you think of glass you probably associate it with household items like kitchen glassware, which need to be handled with care to prevent shattering. Glass pool fencing however, is designed using a different type of glass called tempered safety glass. This specific type of glass is heat strengthened, making it six times stronger and more durable than standard float glass. The panels used in glass pool fencing are also typically ½” thick which adds to the durability. Glass fences are designed to take a lot of pressure and can withstand winds between 90-150mph depending on the mounting hardware. If by some chance tempered safety glass happens to break in an accident, it is designed to break into small rounded pebbles instead of sharp jagged pieces.


Myth #2: “Glass pool fencing requires constant cleaning”

Glass fencing requires little maintenance and is actually one of the easiest types of fences to maintain. Cleaning the glass panels every 2-3 months will extend the life span of your fence and keep it looking beautiful. The most effective, and cheapest, way to clean your glass fence is by using warm water and liquid dish soap. After hosing the soap suds off, you may either let it air dry or use a squeegee to remove any remaining water. Not only is the cleanup process easy, it’s completely affordable. The marine grade stainless steel hardware requires zero maintenance, and is designed to resist corrosion. Unlike a traditional wood or metal fence, there is no repainting, replacement, or routine maintenance required.

, Common Myths About Glass Pool Fencing

Myth #3: “Glass pool fencing isn’t safe for kids”

Glass pool fencing was specifically developed as a safety barrier solution for young children. Its primary purpose is child safety, and it is one of the safest fence options available. Glass pool fencing meets all state safety code requirements, such as the inclusion of a self-closing, self-locking gate. It also has some advantages over traditional pool fencing. For one, the transparency of glass allows for unobstructed views of the pool area. This allows for parents to keep an eye on their kids at all times. The 4-5ft height and smooth surface of glass also means that it is impossible to climb. The gap between the panels and ground is only 2” so no curious child can crawl under. Most importantly, the ½” thick tempered safety glass panels are extremely durable and designed to handle an enormous amount of force.

Myth #4: “Glass fencing is too expensive”

Glass fences are built to last a lifetime, which is why they may seem a little pricey when compared to cheaper alternatives like aluminum or plastic mesh. However, we work closely with our clients to minimize the cost where we can. We will always try to find a solution that fits your budget. Call our friendly, knowledgeable team today for some low-cost layout ideas that will be the perfect fit for your family and your budget: 877-229-7034 or sales@aquaviewfencing.com