Easy Deck Refresh: Replacing Traditional Guardrails With Glass Railings

There are a few avenues you can pursue when it comes to securing your deck or porch with a safety railing. The best option for your property will depend on material, style, price, installation method, and environmental/climate conditions in your area. Environmental factors are extremely important and often overlooked in decision making. If you live in a humid area certain materials such as wood or iron will rot, warp, or rust. If you live in an area prone to rain, proper drainage is another consideration. Plus, you’ll need the right professionals to get the proper installation method to ensure longevity.


Why Glass Railings Outlast the Rest

Wood railings are a popular aesthetic choice and can look quite charming. However depending on your climate it’s a good idea to ask yourself if this type of material will last long term for you, trouble-free. When it comes to holding up in certain weather or climate conditions, wood railings are prone to rot and warp making it an unwise investment. Another material option is using a metal railing such as wrought iron. Metal can stand up to inclement weather much better than wood, however the typical barred iron railing isn’t especially attractive. They can come across as bulky and obstructive to a once clear view. Until recently there weren’t many other options. Luckily, the glass railing option was introduced and has grown to be one of the most trusted and popular railing options on the market today. The durability of ½” tempered glass and stainless steel outlasts other materials and the attractive look can’t be beat by traditional railings.


The Glass Misconception

A common misconception about glass railings is that they aren’t as strong, since they have a minimal, delicate appearance. However don’t let the appearance fool you. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Our various railing systems are backed by engineering and designed to withstand wind loads between 100-200mph. The technology behind our heat-treated tempered safety glass makes it six times stronger than regular float glass. Pair that with sturdy stainless steel or powder-coated aluminum hardware and you have perfect solution to a durable barrier that doesn’t block the view. Now with years of credibility these systems have proved to be durable, long-lasting, and a great way to increase property value.

We offer a variety of glass railing options to choose from. Let us help you reinvent your space with a beautiful modern railing that lasts. Call us today and speak with one of our specialists for details and a free quote: 877-229-7034.