Glass Deck Railing System: SeaCliff Golf Club

We recently installed this glass deck railing system at SeaCliff Country Club, Huntington Beach’s only private golf club. The owner wanted to renovate the outdoor terrace to match the rest of the club’s upscale aesthetic.


For this renovation project, we provided our frameless glass fence system with surface mount stainless steel clamps. To create a secure safety barrier between the golf course and the terrace, we added our self-closing, self-latching premium glass gate. The client also opted for stainless steel top clips, which provide additional stability and a distinct aesthetic.



The ½” tempered safety glass panels are strong and durable (six times stronger than regular glass), and allow clear uninterrupted views of the action on the course.


Since this club is situated less than a mile from the ocean, corrosion from salt air was a concern for the owner. Luckily, Aquaview enclosures are built to last a lifetime with #316 marine grade stainless steel hardware that is extremely resistant to corrosion.



All materials were custom fabricated to fit our client’s individual needs, and we worked closely with our certified installation partner to ensure that this project was completed to perfection and on time. This glass deck railing system turned out beautifully, a perfect complement to SeaCliff’s gorgeous landscaping and luxury aesthetic.


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