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Glass Pool Fencing vs. Mesh Pool Fencing

Spring is in the air, which means pool season is just around the corner! As you go through your spring cleaning checklist, don’t forget to include your backyard and pool area. Have you taken inventory to ensure that you’ve taken all safety measures to protect yourself and your kids in and around your pool? If so, have you considered replacing that mesh pool fence with a modern and secure glass pool fence? Aquaview can help to bring that perfect enhancement, with the most reliable safety features, to your backyard.


First, let’s look at some of the benefits glass pool fencing offers that mesh fencing does not.  Unlike mesh fencing, glass fencing is frameless and offers fully unobstructed views. In addition to the stylish appearance, you have the ability to see keep a complete eye on your kids since everything in and around the pool area is in view. As well, mesh fencing gives your kids the opportunity to climb up the fence, risking them to fall and get hurt. Our glass fences will take away that possibility because the glass panels are climb resistant.


The benefits of mesh pool fences are that they are inexpensive and can be removable. However this means there is a greater risk of movement and breakage in the event of strong winds or harsh weather conditions. You may have to readjust the mesh fence every so often to ensure that it is securely affixed around the pool. With frameless glass pool fencing, the glass panels are secured by stainless steel clamps that are drilled into the ground. With this feature, you will not have to worry about continually ensuring that your fence is secured to the ground. Versatile in nature, our glass pool fences are custom designed to fit your individual layout. No stock panels means a greater versatility in design choices.


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Another major concern with mesh pool fencing is its wear and tear. If the aluminum posts are low-quality they can bend, snap, or break, creating a safety hazard if children (or adults) lean on or fall into the fence. The glass panels used in Aquaview’s pool fences are made from ½” thick tempered safety glass, which is six times stronger than regular glass. These panels are double the thickness of a car windshield, extremely strong and durable. On top of its durability, the tempered glass and stainless steel are both corrosion resistant. Instead of having to replace or repair damaged mesh after a storm, glass pool fencing is resilient and are built to last a lifetime. Not to mention, glass fence panels require minimal maintenance – just a quick wipe down of the panels every few months.


When deciding on a frameless glass pool fence or mesh pool fence make sure to consider the style, durability, and maintenance. Refresh your spring cleaning list and upgrade your pool with a sleek and secure glass fence from Aquaview.


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