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Glass Railing Options for Wood Decks

One of the most common questions we get is “What if I have a wooden deck? Can I still update my railing to a glass system?” We are happy to say yes you can! We offer four systems that are compatible with wooden surfaces. The glass railing option is a great choice aesthetically, but most of all it’s extremely durable and built to last. Check out the list of glass railing systems below, which all work beautifully for homeowners with wooden decks.

Railing Options

The ARS 200 Series is our hybrid product with superior features. Aluminum is the second most widely used metal in the world because of its light-weight and corrosion resistant qualities. This particular system is ideal for attaching railings to surfaces that have a lower weight threshold.

, Glass Railing Options for Wood Decks

The AWS Aluminum Windscreen is one of our most impressive systems with the capability to withstand winds up to 110mph. You get the crystal clear views with ultimate wind protection. Enjoy the view but not the uncomfortable wind chill. Like the ARS 200 Series, this system is also available in eight powder-coated colors.

, Glass Railing Options for Wood Decks

The Fully Frameless Base Shoe Railing is one of our most aesthetically pleasing options with a streamlined base channel to hold the glass panels in place. With no posts, this installation technique gives the illusion that the glass is coming right out of the ground. Giving you a nearly invisible railing with an optimal view.

, Glass Railing Options for Wood Decks

The Stainless Steel Post System is very popular especially with commercial properties, with visible posts to give it a clean industrial look. With this system the posts will be anchored to the deck surface and panels will be attached to each post.

, Glass Railing Options for Wood Decks

Strength & Durability

One thing to note: these glass railing systems are extremely durable and built to last a lifetime. With this durability comes extra weight. Thick tempered glass and sturdy hardware make these railing systems heavier than your average wood or metal railing. With this in mind, your installer must first ensure that your wood deck is strong enough to support the weight of the glass railing. If needed, extra wood blocking can be added underneath the deck frame to add strength.

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