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How Glass Railings Add Value to Your Property

Glass Railings Are Stylish & Modern

The sleek, modern look of a glass railing makes any place look brand new. Whether you are upgrading a property or building a new one, the clean lines of a glass railing will make the property appear fresh and current, even for years down the road. People are willing to pay more for something new, and glass railings add that very element. Glass railings also make a room or patio look bigger. Because you can see through them, it creates an optical illusion that there is more space than there is. By making a property look bigger, you maximize its selling potential. When used on a patio or balcony, the glass railings also offer unobstructed views of the landscape around it. This gives buyers a full view of the surrounding area. With the addition of a glass railing, properties are upgraded to become trendy and stylish, resulting in a higher price that buyers are willing to pay.


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Glass Railings Provide Safety

Glass railings are an easy solution to making a property safer. They can withstand high impact and various temperatures without breaking, making them perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Since they don’t weaken over time, glass railings are perfect for outdoor balconies. They prevent people from falling off a high edge, without obstructing their view. They can also be used as a staircase railing as well to help stabilize those going down stairs. Perhaps their best use however is as a pool fence that prevents unattended children from drowning by accidentally falling into a pool. In most places there are laws that require pool fences because of their safety benefits. By making a property safer, it becomes more inviting to all groups of people – especially families with small children. So by simply adding a glass railing or pool fence it will increase the property’s value.


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Price Benefits of Glass Railings

Because of their easy maintenance and durability, Aquaview glass railings eventually pay for themselves. Wood can decay and metal can rust, while our glass railings are corrosion-resistant. They won’t need to be replaced or repainted over time, and always appear as sleek as the day they were installed. For architects and designers, we also offer industry discounts on our glass railings, as well as access to our network of installers. Glass railings are an easy solution to make any property appear more attractive to buyers, while providing a long-lasting way to maintain the safety and security of a property.


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