tempered glass pool fencing

How Strong is Tempered Glass Pool Fencing?

How strong is tempered glass pool fencing? Very strong! The tempered safety glass used in our glass fences is around 4 to 6 times as strong as regular glass. Tempered glass always exceeds a minimum pressure resistance of 65 mPa, with the glass in our glass fencing being up to 165 mPa. To compare, regular heat strengthened glass only has a pressure resistance of around 40-55 mPa, and non-heat treated glass is significantly less than that. Tempered glass is not expected to be fragile and isn’t only used in glass fences. It is the type of glass used for most surfaces that are susceptible to random impacts such as shower doors, windshields, and is even part of the process to make bulletproof glass.


The tempering process is used on all of our glass pool fencing and glass railings. Like regular glass, we begin by mixing and melting sand, sodium carbonate, and calcium oxide together. The glass is then drawn out, shaped, then cut to fit the custom shape needed for the glass fence. The real strength comes in the tempering process however when the glass is heated to about 620C under pressure, then rapidly cooled. This allows the atoms in the glass to retain their shape, yet creates a balance of stress that strengthens the material. Because of the balance of stress, in the rare chance of breakage, the glass breaks into smaller, rounded, more uniform pieces than regular glass. This is why tempered glass doesn’t break into sharp shards, and is a much safer option for a glass fence.


Tempered glass is not only stronger than regular glass, but is also more scratch and heat resistant. These qualities make it perfect for a glass pool fence that is in constantly changing outdoor temperatures. It also is considered safer because of the rounder pieces it can break into. Because of the strength of our glass fences however, they are incredibly unlikely to shatter. Other materials such as metal, which can rust, and wood that can impose splinters, pose a much more likely danger to children if used for pool fencing.