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How to Choose Child Safe Pool Fencing that Gives Peace of Mind

Aesthetics and comfort are priorities when it comes to structures for residential purposes, however, the most important feature to look out for is safety. It is particularly important to enforce these safety measures in swimming pools at home.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), drowning is the 3rd leading cause of unintentional injury deaths worldwide, with about 360,000 annual cases of drowning.

For this reason, choosing child safe glass pool fencing is not an option to consider, it is a mandatory act for any parent who wants peace of mind. Children are renowned for their carefree attitude and highly inquisitive nature, hence, measures like constant supervision and safety talks are barely sufficient.

According to statistics, almost 50% of all swimming injuries occurred in residential swimming pools. This implies that if you have a swimming pool in your home, it is almost certain that an accident is bound to occur.

With this in mind, we at Aquaview have specifically designed glass pool fences which totally eliminate any chance of an accident. There are several features built in to ensure that your kids are kept safe while they play in the backyard.

Self-Closing & Self-Latching Pool Gates

This is required by law in many US states. As we all know, many adults are guilty of not shutting the door firmly after them. Even though you might argue as a parent that you do, how about those who visit? Can you vouch for your pool cleaners or housekeeper? With this self-closing and self-latching pool gate, you are 100% guaranteed of your child’s safety.


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Climb Resistant Panels

If the self-closing and self-latching pool gate denies your child access to the pool, an adventurous kid might try to scale over. Rest assured that our climb resistant glass panel prevent this. In order to ensure safety, there are stipulated guidelines concerning the height and length of a glass pool fence and we adhere strictly to these pool safety standards. The glass pool fence panels are also installed only 2” from the ground, so that your pets and children cannot wriggle through any available opening.

Tough Tempered Safety Glass

The aforementioned benefits are convincing reasons for you to install a glass pool fencing system in your home. However, one question parents ask is “what if the glass breaks and injures my child?” There is only one answer to that. Though they appear delicate, rest assured glass fences are one of the strongest and most durable fencing systems available.

Our glass fences are made from ½” thick toughened safety glass. Tempered safety glass is six times stronger than regular glass. With this in place, there is no chance of “accidental breakage”. Even if did break, it wouldn’t shatter into dangerous pieces as seen in movies. It would break into small rounded cubes and these cubes do not have sharp edges which can harm your child.


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Clear Views

Employing a simple, yet elegant glass pool fencing design, you are able to maximize space and also monitor your children as they play around your home. Unlike traditional glass pool fences which make it difficult to see what is going on inside the pool, these transparent glass fence will always make you feel in charge.