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How to Customize Your Glass Pool Fence

Glass pool fences can fit a variety of structural and aesthetic needs. Whether you are enclosing a pool deck in an apartment complex, or building a glass pool fence in your backyard to keep your child safe, we will find an individualized solution just for you. We can alter the style, durability, and maintenance of your pool fence with our following customizable features.


Size and Shape

The shape of each glass pool fence will vary based on the layout of the property. Our glass panels are custom cut for each project, and can be any shape or size. This allows them to be evenly placed around existing construction such as stairs or columns, or irregularly shaped surfaces such as a sloped hill. Our glass pool fences can also be installed onto various surfaces, such as concrete, tile, wood, grass, and dirt to fit your landscape.


Pool Gates

Our various pool gate options give flexibility on how you wish to enter and exit your enclosed area. Our choices for your pool gate latch include a side-pull safety latch, premium stainless steel door handle, top-pull Magnalatch, or a commercial grade lever lock. Most of our gates also come with an optional key lock. There are also multiple hinge options. Some result in the pool gates softly closing, while others close with more force but offer more security (such as for a commercial pool). Gates can also be placed in various designs, such as against a wall or in a corner, and can stretch various widths. Check out our most popular pool gate options here.


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Clamp Hardware

To secure your glass pool fence to the ground, we offer various clamp styles in #316 stainless steel. We offer surface mount clamps that are bolted to the ground, as well as core mount clamps that are core drilled into concrete. Both come in either a round or square design, as well as with a brushed or polished finish. View our clamp styles here.


Top Clips

With our glass pool fences, you have the option to add top clips that connect the panels. These are completely optional and do not affect the structural stability of the fence. However some customers love the distinctive look this additional hardware provides, and the way it keeps all panels in perfect alignment. Our top clips connect the panels at 90 or 180 degree angles, as well as to a wall and come in either a rounded or square design.


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EnduroShield (Protective Glass Coating)

EnduroShield is a permanent glass coating that protects your glass pool fence from the elements and reduces cleaning by 90%. The professional-strength formula we offer has an easy wipe-on application and lasts for 10 years. It is popular with our commercial and waterfront clients, but not absolutely necessary for the average residential project (as the tempered glass on its own is already very low-maintenance).


Interested in a custom glass pool fence? Contact the Aquaview team today at 877-229-7034 or to discuss your project needs.