invisible glass pool fencing

Invisible Glass Pool Fencing: New Home Design Product

Glass Pool Fencing: How The Trend Started

As new laws surrounding pool safety became common place in Australia, it resulted in an evolution in backyard architecture regarding pool fencing. In 2010 the Australian Standard for Swimming Pool Fencing made it mandatory for all pools to be enclosed by a pool fence that met certain standards. Some of these requirements included a fence that had a self-closing, self-latching pool gate that couldn’t be easily climbed over or under, all to protect children from accidentally falling in. Although helpful for their safety reasons, pool fences were often not architecturally appealing because they made yards appear smaller and blocked surrounding landscapes. This was especially inconvenient for homeowners that did not even have small children to worry about. Therefore, when the glass pool fence was invented, the trend took off because it not only met Australia’s stringent fencing regulations, but gave any pool area a fresh modern look.


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The Benefits of Glass Pool Fencing

Because of their creation of a more open space, as well as the use of geometric lines, glass pool fences perfectly embody modern architecture. They offer a polished look to any deck that doesn’t obstruct the landscape, and make it easier to see children playing in the pool. They make yards look bigger, and make the area seem more inviting rather than closed off. It is also the perfect solution to those who only need a pool fence to meet safety code regulations, while keeping a barely visible design. They also require less upkeep than other options, for example wood that rots or metal that rusts, so they economically offset their initial high pricing over time and add value to a property.


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Glass Pool Fences in the USA

Glass pool fences are now one of the most common types of pool fences in Australia. The fences look so sleek that this trend quickly spread to the United States, where the unique combination of its aesthetic appeal and safety has become quite popular. Some states such as California and Arizona have begun the process of adopting more stringent pool fence regulations, but with glass pool fences offering such an easy solution, for most these laws will be far more beneficial than inconvenient. Aquaview is the USA’s leading designer and supplier of glass pool fencing, with customers and authorized dealers across the country. We have adapted the glass pool fencing trend with our innovative clamp design that provides a secure, attractive, and durable pool safety solution for property owners. Our team is available to assist with the custom glass pool fence project of your dreams – contact us today at 877-229-7034 or submit a request for a free quote here.