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Is Your Swimming Pool Safe for Summer?

Summer is upon us! Which means any child with a swimming pool is about to become the most popular child in school. Before you let your children and their friends make use of the swimming pool this summer, are you certain that is your pool area is safe and secure?

A swimming pool in the ultimate backyard feature, posing a relaxed way to stay cool on a hot afternoon and setting the stage for fun family activities. Nevertheless, pools can pose a serious safety threat to young children.

Here are a few ways to make your pool safer for everyone.

Install a Pool Fence

Installing a pool safety fence is the number one way to ensure your pool area is secured. Fatal drowning accidents are silent and can happen in an instant. While constant adult supervision is important, it is not always enough. A pool safety fence gives peace of mind as it prevents curious children from accessing the pool area. There are many options available for pool fencing, such as iron, wood, mesh, and glass. Glass pool fencing is a recent innovation that has become a very popular trend. It is a great way to provide protection around your pool while still maintaining the aesthetics of your backyard. Made of thick tempered safety glass and stainless steel, Aquaview glass pool fences and pool gates make your pool area both beautiful and safe. The unique benefits of glass pool fencing include 4ft or 5ft tall climb resistant panels and clear views to monitor children.


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Install a Self-Closing, Self-Latching Pool Gate

A self-closing, self-latching gate is the most important safety aspect of any pool fence. This type of pool gate meets pool code standards and affords you the maximum possible security. Aquaview glass pool gates have soft-close hinges that close automatically and eliminate slamming. The latch should be installed on the pool side of the gate, so one must reach over to open it. This adds an extra challenge to deter children from accessing the pool.

Designate an Adult Water-Watcher

When children are enjoying the swimming pool, increasing adult supervision is the best safety measure. Designate one adult “water watcher” per non-swimmer who can be completely focused on monitoring the children. Eliminate distractions such as cell phones and save the summer cocktails for later. Enforce pool rules such as no running, pushing, or rough play to ensure safety for all.


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With these methods, you can keep your family safe this summer while enjoying the oasis of your backyard swimming pool. Happy safe swimming!


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