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Miami Beach Glass Railing – Islander Condominiums

The Islander Condominiums recently renovated their rooftop terrace with our fully frameless glass railing system. The client wanted to replace the existing metal guardrail. It was beginning to rust and obstructed the gorgeous views of Miami Beach. We removed the metal rail and replaced it with our fully frameless base shoe glass railing. With 13/16″ laminated tempered glass, this is our strongest glass railing system available. A brushed stainless steel cap rail was added for code compliance and additional stability.


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This glass railing system is both durable and attractive. It has been tested and approved by structural engineers to withstand a concentrated load of 200lbs and uniform load of 50plf. A perfect choice for high-wind zones, balconies, and high rise rooftop applications.


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The final result? A sophisticated upgrade that meets the stringent wind loading requirements of Miami-Dade county. This simple renovation added value to the property by giving the rooftop terrace a fresh, modern makeover. Now the Islander residents can enjoy clear ocean views while sitting poolside. With corrosion-resistant stainless steel and durable laminated glass, this railing is built to stand the test of time.


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