frameless glass fencing_new year resolution

New Year’s Resolution: Modern Home Makeover

As we reflect on the past year and make our list of resolutions, the beauty and comfort of your home is a great place to start!  Try something new and different to celebrate the New Year by giving your home a modern look with a glass pool fence or glass railing.  Offering maximum protection with minimal intrusion, frameless glass fencing is not only unique to other fencing and railing products, but it is also the perfect facelift for your home for 2017.


Aquaview glass fencing systems add many attractive benefits to your home and complement almost any landscape design.  Not only can you use our product as a pool fence, you can also incorporate our glass fencing as a deck or patio enclosure.  There is no need to worry about existing construction to your pool and patio because our fencing is easy to install.  Instead of dreading the New Year’s resolution to fit into your skinny jeans, find relief with Aquaview as we can guarantee that our frameless glass fencing accommodates all types of designs from straight lines to soft curves.

frameless-glass-fencing_2Give yourself the option of enjoying the beauty of your landscape design and natural surroundings with unobstructed views, but also the opportunity to maintain safety.  In addition to boosting the beauty of your home, frameless glass fencing allows parents to easily keep an eye on all activities inside and outside of the pool.  Other convenient features include gates that automatically close and latch, and climb-resistant glass panels that are polished and rounded eliminating any concerns over sharp corners or rough edges.


For those looking to expand their home renovation New Year’s resolutions even further, an added bonus to frameless glass fencing is an increase in property value.  If you’re looking to sell your home in the New Year or you’re investigating the option of buying and flipping a home, our systems are the ideal upgrade and will instantly raise the value of your property.


Our systems are perfect for home remodeling and renovation because they stay committed to elegance and safety. Don’t let yourself down by stressing over New Year’s resolutions that are hard to keep. Instead, let Aquaview help to make your resolutions realistic, sustainable and beneficial to you. You owe yourself a fresh start to the year and a valuable enhancement that will last for years to come, and Aquaview is here to make it possible!


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