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Stylish Glass Railings for Multifamily Roof Terraces

Here at Aquaview we offer a multitude of different glass railings for anything from apartment complexes to large hotels to commercial office buildings. We know how much the practicality and aesthetics of a property matters to you and your clients. Simply by replacing an unattractive barred railing with an Aquaview glass railing you can drastically maximize the property value and clientele that comes with that. It offers an elegant and modern look to any balcony, patio area, or rooftop deck. Allowing your residents a beautiful chic view with the safety and wind protection that standard railings falls short of.


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Glass Railing Options

When people hear “glass” railings they typically think something that looks pretty but may not endure the many weathers of life. If you are a builder, property manager, or architect our glass railing systems are highly recommended for anyone who is particular about delivering quality architectural designs. Also, for property managers who aim to increase the worth of their property without incurring significant costs. Whether you are looking for fully frameless or a framed ARS 200 style you will be guaranteed to have a beautiful wind and weather resistant unobstructed view. Glass railings are constructed with tough ½ inch tempered safety glass, stainless steel, and high quality aluminum, providing you with secure, durable guardrails that are built to last.


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Low Maintenance

Aquaview railings use stainless steel, aluminum, and glass meaning no risk of rust or corrosion. They can be cleaned infrequently and effectively with minimal effort. The powder coating for our aluminum lasts 5-10 years depending on whether you go the standard or premium route. We also use tempered safety glass. This sturdy material is heat-treated and six times stronger than regular float glass or annealed glass. Stresses in the glass are induced in a very specific way to increase the surface stress in relation to the internal stress. This makes it one of the most utilized glass options available in architecture. It is more heat tolerant and less scratch resistant than regular glass. Not only will your railing have a beautiful modern look to to view the cityscape, but you will also have a tough impact resistant panel that has a 24,000psi rating and engineered to meet HOA laws and guardrail code. Best part, you will rarely have to clean it!


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Glass Railings Provide Safety

Last but not least glass railings are an easy solution to making a property safer. By making a property safer, it becomes more inviting to all groups of people – especially families with small children or the elderly. Ensuring safety in style automatically adds to your property’s value. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, our systems can withstand high wind loads and extreme temperatures without breaking or damaging the structure. Since they don’t weaken over time, glass railings are perfect for outdoor balconies. We believe in safety with style. There is no better way to prevent accidental falls and enhance safety, without obstructing a beautiful view.


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