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Top FAQs About Glass Pool Fencing

Perhaps you heard about glass pool fencing from a friend or neighbor. Or maybe you were intrigued by stunning photos on a home design blog. If you’re new to this product, we understand you may have a lot of questions!

Below are some of the frequently asked questions we receive about our glass pool fences and glass railings. Can’t find your question here? Visit out our full list of FAQ’s or contact an Aquaview team member at 877-229-7034 or


What is frameless glass pool fencing?

Frameless glass pool fencing is a hot new trend that combines safety and style.

Aquaview frameless glass fences are built with ½ inch tempered safety glass and corrosion-resistant #316 stainless steel clamps. Glass panels are secured to the ground with either surface mount or core mount clamps.


What are the dimensions of the glass panels?

Glass panels come in heights of 4ft and 5ft to meet local safety codes. We do not have stock panels. Glass panels are always custom cut to your specific project needs, and available in widths up to 5 feet. 


What is tempered safety glass?

Tempered safety glass is six times stronger than regular float glass. It is durable, tough, and impact resistant, making it one of the most utilized architectural glass options out there. Tempered safety glass is engineered to meet HOA laws and pool safety codes, with a 24,000psi rating. Our glass panels have polished edges and can be custom cut to fit any layout.

Do your pool fences meet safety code?

Yes, Aquaview pool gates are engineered to meet pool code in every state.

Are you pool gates self closing? Can I lock them?

Yes. All of our pool gates are self-closing and self-latching. They have slow-close stainless steel hinges and a lockable safety latch.

How are surface mount and core mount clamps different?

Surface Mount Clamps are bolted into the ground using wedge anchors or lag bolts. Core Mount clamps are designed to be set into a pre-drilled hole with expansion cement. There is no difference in the hardware cost. Your installer may recommend a particular method based on your ground surface.

What surfaces can I install glass pool fencing onto?

Glass pool fencing can be installed onto concrete, tile, wood, grass, and dirt. (For grass/dirt a concrete footer must be poured first for stability.) Concrete slab should be at least 4” thick with concrete 3000psi or stronger. Stone and tile surfaces are fine as long as there is concrete underneath. If not, a concrete footer will be required here as well.

How long does it take for the materials to be delivered?

Materials have a delivery time of approximately 3-4 weeks after the order is processed. If you need your order expedited we may be able to accommodate with a shorter lead time. Contact one of our specialists for more details at 877-229-7042.

Are installation services offered?

Aquaview does not offer installation services. However, we work with a network of licensed installers across the USA and can introduce you to an authorized installer in your area.

How much cleaning / maintenance is required?

Very little maintenance is required. Wipe down with mild soapy water every 6-8 weeks will keep the glass in mint condition. Check out our post about glass cleaning for more details.