Why Fall / Winter Is The Best Time To Remodel Your Pool

It may seem ideal to remodel your existing swimming pool or build a new pool during the spring and summer months. However many industry experts recommend fall and winter as the best time for a pool remodeling project! There are many things to consider besides the temperature.


Reason #1: Lower prices.

Choosing the right time to remodel can save you lots of money. It all comes down to supply and demand. Spring and summertime is the most popular season for pool renovation, and contractors raise their prices during their busiest work season. Many contractors offer special rates to try and increase business during the colder months. Building materials for pool construction also go on sale during this time.


Reason #2: Access to the best contractors.

The best contractors are always booked during the summertime. If you try and book during the busy season, you’ll likely be put on a long waiting list and will have to compete with others to get the best local company. By the cooler months, many clients have closed up their pools, giving you access to the pro pool companies.


Reason #3: More attentive service, with less hassle.

Contractor’s busy times are not the best time to receive attentive service. During the busy season there is an inherently higher risk of delays and mistakes. In the fall and winter, contractors won’t be pressed for time and will be able to devote individualized attention to your swimming pool project and ideas. Since you’re providing work for your contractor during the slow season, you are likely to get great service. Pool projects get completed much quicker during this time, and with much less hassle.


Reason #4: You’ll be pool-ready in time for Spring.

The off-season may be the best time to remodel your pool, as the pool is not being heavily used during the colder months. Pool construction projects in particular tend to take longer than anticipated to complete. Start your project early, and you’ll have plenty of time to accommodate any unintentional delays or issues that may crop up. If you book your contractor in the fall, you’re guaranteed to have your project completed in time for warmer weather! You’ll also have more time for other backyard projects such as landscaping or installing a pool safety fence. You will have weeks to test out the pool and make any desired changes before the outdoor entertaining season begins.


Whether you’re remodeling your pool or building a new one, you might consider a pool safety fence. A glass pool fence from Aquaview is a great way to enhance backyard safety while giving your home a modern, elegant look. Our glass pool fences meet safety code and pair with our self-closing, self-latching gates. Keep in mind that a safety fence is usually the last part of a pool construction project. To figure out your timeline, know it will take 3-4 weeks to receive your Aquaview glass fence, and 1-5 days to install.


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